Hanbury Design is a landscape design practice based in Perth, Western Australia. 
We aim to create inspiring environments that capture the spirit of your home or property.

Jack Hanbury is a landscape designer with a passion for plants and good design, believing that a garden or outdoor space should ideally nurture the senses and be appropriate to place.

Having travelled extensively in the UK, Europe, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Jack established his own landscape design in Perth in 2008. Projects include both residential and commercial commissions.




Initial consultation  ----  A consultation on site is the starting point that begins the process of exploring your garden's potential. We have the opportunity to meet, assess your situation and discuss ideas. A brief is then formed based on your specific needs and budget.
Cost: $150 per hour.

Design proposal  ---  Your site is surveyed and analysed. The design proposal includes the conceptual plan, with sketches to illustrate ideas and recommendations for both plants and hardscape materials. A further meeting is arranged to present this for your approval. Final changes can be made, if necessary, at this stage.

Final design plan   |   The final design plan, in 1:100 or 1:50 scale, includes the information necessary for the project to be built and planted out. We can recommend our preferred landscape construction teams and assist and advise through the tender process. We also provide a full planting service if required.

Maintenance   |   The ongoing success of your garden is dependent on routine and regular maintenance.